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Frequently Asked Questions

Roof repair & improvement services can be complex throughout the entire process, but Good News Roofing makes it a priority of streamlining your roof's issues, starting with some commonly asked questions and answers specific to Central Texas residents.

Have Some Questions About Your South Austin Roof repair?

Below are some questions which are regularly asked by our roofing customers before hiring Good News Roofing services.

These topics are updated frequently to answer a few thoughts you may have before giving us a call, but in case your specific need isn't addressed, feel free to call us for a free consultation!

How long can you finance a roof for?

Can my insurance fully pay for a new roof?

How often should I get my roof inspected?

How do I check my roof for damage to know if it needs fixing?

How do I compare and decide on which roofing contractor to hire?

What are some common signs of a scam roofing company?

What type and brand of roof shingle will you be installing?

Will you provide a written proposal that is detailed and lists roofing components that you will be installing or replacing?

Will you be obtaining relevant city permits?

Are your roofer’s employees or subcontracted crews? Do they work only for you? How many people are on your crew?

How is communication handled? Is there one person assigned to my roofing project, a point person who I can call and talk with about my concerns before, during, and after the job?

How do you handle the unexpected discovery of bad wood that needs to be replaced?

What is your warranty on roofer workmanship? What is the warranty on the roof materials used?

Do you have roofing general liability insurance?

Do you have experience working with insurance companies and their roofing policy coverage? If you have questions concerning their estimate, will you contact them directly, reconcile differences in the scope of work or cost?

Roofing Payment Terms: Do you take deposits, upfront payments or on the completion of the job? Do you accept credit card payment or offer financing?

Are roof supplies readily available?

How long will the roofing project job take?

Will you complete an attic inspection to address any roofing issues?

are you ready to fix your austin roof with a stress free, 5-star satisfaction experience?

Don't wait and risk using a roofing contractor that doesn't value their customer service reputation. Go with Good News Roofing who will resolve your roofing issues and get it right the first time.