"When Good News Roofing came by and said they could possibly get me a new roof paid for by my insurance I didn’t think it would happen. The reason is because I changed insurance companies and my roof was old. The way they met with my previous insurance company and convinced them to pay was impressive and he is to be commended. The work was completed in a timely manner and the cleanup was excellent."

- Victor Hunt    

-Georgetown, TX

“I am a retired Highway Patrol Lieutenant who worked for the Texas Department of Public Safety for 41 years. So when a slick talking fellow who just moved here from California a couple or 3 years ago shows up at your house and tells you all these great things he can get done, one begins to wonder. Mama said, "if it sounds too good to be true, it is." So my police instincts kicked in as to the trustworthiness of this fellow. Why did this fellow move from California to Texas? Does he have a criminal record? (Don't trust nobody until they prove they can be trusted). So I felt a character check was in order. So I got the owner's full names and their Texas Driver's License number in order to do a background check. Well; guess what. They are in good shape.

They gave me references of people that they had performed roofing jobs on their house. I talked to five owners; two of which I left messages and they called me back with one of them calling me back from Michigan while on vacation. Every one of them expressed great satisfaction with the work of Good News Roofing. I too am very pleased with the entire job that Good News Roofing performed.

Good News Roofing did everything they said they would do. They completed the work in a timely manner. They cleaned up the entire yard after the work. There was no damage to any property or yard. They repaired all the wood that showed water damage. They were easy to work with, easy to talk to when I was concerned about something. At this moment I cannot think of anything else to say except that my wife and I are extremely satisfied with the entire job.”

Homer Cleckler    

-Georgetown, TX​

"After seeing our neighbors get such an eye-catching new roof we inquired how it was done so quickly and so well. After listening to them we asked you to talk with our insurance company. Your successful negotiations with State Farm were greatly appreciated.

The one day application was accomplished with a minimum of inconvenience. We are very pleased with the new look of our house.” 

Bill & Joanne Baker    

-Georgetown, TX​

I have to admit I was leary when you knocked on our door and asked if you could inspect our roof for a possible insurance claim. I usually don't listen when someone comes to the door. I always wonder what they are trying to sell me now. But as I listened to you I began to have more and more confidence in the man. You put my mind at ease and assured me You were really here to help and not just sell me a roof.

Needless to say I proceeded with the roof inspection which was handled by his son, who gives the same comfortable feeling as his father did. He came out and met with the insurance adjuster. I did not have to get involved, in other words they handled everything from beginning to end. He was on the job working with the crew to be sure we got what we wanted and I can say we were both pleased with the results.

In closing all I can say is if you need a roof you can't go wrong with Good News Roofing.”

Mike and Fran Fitzner    

-Georgetown, TX​

Good News Roofing was so helpful in getting us as much as possible from our insurance company. Not a cent came out of our pocket plus, it looks like we may even make a little money when all the paper work is finally submitted to the insurance company. 

Your work crew was excellent. Every aspect of the job was well done, from the removal of the old roofing material, the addition of a solar tube, four wind turbines, and a sky light, to the final clean up with the magnet rollers. All was done in a timely and professional manner which, in the end, resulted in a beautiful super well done roof!

Additionally, we really appreciated the extra little things that were done to make the job look better, like spray painting all the turbines, and all other exposed fixtures on the roof to match the new roof color. All this was done without being asked nor charged extra.

Your A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, is well justified. I know, because I called!

Thank You Again,

Mr. Eliseo Cadena

-Retired School Principle  

-San Antonio, Texas

My experience with Good News Roofing has been nothing but positive in nature. As the responsible party for my senior citizen mother, I fully appreciated their honesty and forthrightness. The Good News Roofing team were able to assist and walk us through the claims process -- every step of the way. They were there for my mother when I couldn't be and answered all her questions in detailed explanation. They also made sure the same information was made available to me via meetings and printed documents. My decision to trust Good News Roofing with our roof repairs was without a doubt the best choice I could have made. Good News Roofing was a Godsend! 

Marissa Perez    

-San Antonio, TX


I just wanted to thank you for all the work Good News Roofing has done for us in working with our insurance company to reroof our facilities. 

It has been a pleasure dealing with you and your company. Your professionalism and your workmanship were very much appreciated.

Thanks again!”

Barry Richey
Facilities Manager
Crestview Baptist Church    

-Georgetown, TX

Good News Roofing came to my home just after I received a business card from another roofer that had the words, “No deductible” written on the back. Although this was extremely appealing, I discovered that this type of thing is considered fraud and that insurance companies typically go after the homeowner for restitution. As a middle school teacher my reputation is important and of course I want to set a good example for my students.

Good News roofing was actually able to lower my deductible legally, morally and ethically. Their crew did an excellent job and I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Mark Halamicek    

-Hewitt, Texas

I must say that I wish all my dealings with business entities were as pleasant as dealing with the Good News Roofing Co. You two guys were winners from my first phone contact right through to the final nail being driven into the last shingle installed on the roof. Ian, you handled every detail to a perfect conclusion with the CA here in Sun City and we never experienced a single hiccup. That is saying a lot, knowing how exacting and strict the standards are here with the CA.

I would have no hesitation recommending your company to any potential client. In fact, you are more than welcome to have anyone that wants a reference or referral to give me a call. Hope you two, as well as your company will continue to spread the "Good News". My best wishes for your continued success.

Bob Franklin    

-Sun City, TX

"I wanted to tell you about a company that I have researched and found to be totally professional. It is called Good News Roofing. I recognized several names in the testimonials and called to make sure it was legit. One of them is Curtis Mickan who built my Mom's house next door to me. He absolutely endorsed this company and even knew some of the installation crew as they had worked for him previously. When Good News Roofing met with my insurance company they got substantially more by pointing out additional damage that the insurance adjuster did not notice."

Priscilla King    

-Jarrell, TX

I was a custom home builder for 18 years and have recently retired. Here is my personal experience with your company from that perspective. When the first insurance adjuster paid the claim for my roof he missed several things that Ian was able to point out and get me a substantially larger sum of money for.

   1. The original payment was for a 30 year shingle when in fact my roof was 40 year
   2. The adjusters measurements were considerably lower than what they actually were
   3. They had to pay the new price increases because they were so far off the first time

Your team did an excellent job. I was happy to see that your crew chief was a gentleman who I actually used myself for approximately 8 years and knew the quality of his work as well.

Curtis Mickan    

-Georgetown, TX

Thanks for helping my clients with getting their roof replaced and working with the insurance company, explaining my clients the whole process and figuring out how to make the deal work so that there was no extra cost to them. You were God sent in a very difficult situation with my clients having no money to spare and helping meet the lender requirements so the buyers could purchase the house. Your integrity and professionalism was greatly appreciated by all of us. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a roofer.
Thank you again. May God bless you in all ways.

Suman Maria Khisty, GRI, SFR
Keller Williams Realty
Cell: 512-577-1224
Email: suman@sumankhisty.com
Web: www.sumankhisty.com

As you know, I am the out-of-town administrator of my father's estate. When selling his house, the buyers requested that the hail-damaged roof be replaced as a condition of the sale. My REALTOR referred me to her preferred roofer, who was very proactive in working with the insurance company in an attempt to get the roof replaced under my dad's home owners insurance policy; however, despite his attempts, he lacked historical data and was unable to convince the adjuster, who informed me that they were not likely to cover the replacement, as they believed the damage to have occurred prior to my Dad's purchase of the home and that there had not been any storms of consequence since the year prior to my Dad's purchase.

Upon receipt of this news, I reached out to my Dad's neighbors via the subdivision's Facebook page (again, I'm at the disadvantage of being on the East Coast). A couple of the neighbors insisted I call Good News Roofing, a call I'm very glad I made!

Thank you for researching your files to locate claims paid in my dad's subdivision by other insurance carriers within the neighborhood since my father purchased the home and, more importantly, a claim paid in a nearby subdivision by my father's insurance provider with a storm date after my father's purchase of the home. These factors, particularly the latter one, swayed the insurance company to cover the replacement after all.

On top of saving the estate a ton of money, I want to thank you for your prompt, professional and courteous service. [Since I notified the initial roofer of my decision to use your services, which I did without delay, he has sent me a number of unprofessional text messages.]

Also, as a busy professional myself, I really appreciate your streamlined process.

From start to finish, thank you, thank you, thank you. My only regret is that I didn't reach out to you first.

Happy holidays!

Brandy Buzinski

Good News Roofing has renewed my faith in contractors!!!! When I saw you walking up my street towards our house, I was very not in the mood for solicitors. My experience with contractors is very deep-rooted and not positive. I do remember being a little short with you during most of our conversation but you're spirit was so positive, confident and so cheerful, that it just rubbed off on me and I think that's the main reason I continued to listen to you. You know what, Good News Roofing, ARE ANGELS!!!!

Being the very, very busy people they are, took the time to meet with the claims adjuster, walked with him every inch of the house and pointed out things that I would have never been able to even think of discussing. If they had not been my liaison through this whole ordeal (and it was an ordeal to me), I am certain I would not have received the settlement monies that I was given. I was blown away by their tenacity and honesty with the claims adjuster. Everything worked in my favor more than I could have ever imagined. Ian was even able to get enough money to repair the inside damage from the hailstorm. AMAZING!!! UNHEARD OF!!!! Obviously at that point, I believed and trusted Good News Roofing with my interior repair. They went out of their way to find someone in San Antonio to do the inside job. They picked a professional in that area also!!! The contractor's visual effort was tremendous!!! I was very impressed. Two professional jobs done more than well, above and beyond!!! Finally, would you believe after all was said and done, there was money left over!!!! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!! I questioned them when they requested last payment, asking if he was sure. He said the rest was mine!!!! Seriously!!!!

So, yes, Good News Roofing, you are my angels, my saviors. You definitely have restored my faith in contractors. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your honesty, integrity and making me feel like family (they made reference to that and it made me feel safe!). 

Thanks, Good News Roofing.
May you be blessed and prosper always!!!!

Patty Acosta

-San Antonio, TX

Happy Customer!!!​

"Thanks to Good News Roofing we now have a beautiful new roof. Two thumbs up! ...we were turned down by our homeowners insurance to qualify for a roof re-placement.

Good News knocked on the door, said they could help, and three weeks later we have a completed and upgraded roof. ...they did all the work and negotiations to get the job done.

The crew they sent to our house did everything right. They removed the old roof, replaced the paper, and repaired the bad spots in the roof before installing the new upgraded shingles. They finished the job in one day and cleaned up the mess around our home before leaving.

We would recommend Good News Roofing to anyone considering a new roof. This turned out to be a very pleasant project thanks to the Good News Roofing team."

Roy and DiAnne Reger    

-Georgetown, TX​

When Good News Roofing knocked on my door I was skeptical when I heard their offer, “I think we can help you get a new roof.” Just a year ago, my insurance adjuster came and looked at my roof and apologized, “Sorry all the damage is old damage.” Even though my roof was leaking every time it rained, they would not cover the cost. I gathered quotes from three different companies and it was going to cost me $10,000.00! I didn’t have the money so I did nothing. The only good news I had was Texas was in a drought.

Then Good News Roofing shows up with an offer that sounded too good to be true: they offered to meet with my insurance company and review the roof with the adjuster pointing out areas he may have not considered. I agreed to the offer promising to allow Good News Roofing to take the job for what the insurance would pay. The made the process simple and clear as they explained “what to do next.”

The same adjuster, who previously turned me down, returned to my house. The first good news I heard was the inspector knows the adjuster and Good News Roofing has a good reputation with this adjuster. Good News Roofing was over paid on a job and returned the over payment to the insurance company!

The news kept getting better. After an hour and half meeting with the same adjuster that turned me down last year, he declared the roof totaled and wrote me a check that day for the roof. Just two days later, 48 hours after receiving the check, I had a new roof on my house!! The workers were courteous, professional, and clean. The Good News Roofing team told me what they would do and then did it!

As a minister who enjoys spreading the Good News, I would highly recommend the Good News Roofing team to take care of your home or business.

Dr. Matt Hudson, Pastor   

-Taylor, TX

I was really upset that my insurance company did not pay properly especially since I work for the agency that we have our insurance through!!! Another roofer came out and made some arguments and got us a little more, but nowhere near what Good News Roofing was able to do. It is a really easy process to do business with the Good News Roofing Team

 and you have nothing to lose.

Lauren Martindale    

-Georgetown, TX

We already had another roofer in mind and, in fact, they had already given us an estimate, but we saw the testimonials on your website. Now, we understand why so many people have called your company! Your company found more damage on our property as well as other areas of the roof, and brought it to our insurance company’s attention. Because of this, we know why you have helped so many people from many towns in such a large geographic area.

Thank you for taking the time to explain how, if we do not use all the money we get from the insurance company, we lose it. And thanks for explaining how, if we get extra, it can actually lower our deductible legally. We really appreciate the extra items you were able to point out that resulted in lowering our deductible significantly.

Best regards,
Mr. David Mayorga (Attorney at Law) & Mrs. Gloria Mayorga    

-San Antonio, TX

​My name is Carlotta Maneice and I contacted Good News Roofing after they were recommended to me by the Better Business Bureau. To save time and money they suggested I get three bids because this was not the usual insurance claim where they could possibly get me more money as they have done for so many others. They actually suggested I go with another roofer who had purchased materials before a recent price increase which saved me $400!

They also reviewed my previous bids to see that the services promised would be adequate and cover all the repairs needed and he never hesitated to answer any questions even though he was not contracted to replace my roof. Although I have not personally met them "yet" I have no doubt that his integrity and sincerity for his work is genuine and authentic and I highly recommend him because I believe his character speaks for itself. 

Carlotta Maneice​

Our home in Georgetown now has a handsome new roof expertly installed by Good News Roofing. They met with our insurance company several times in a valiant attempt to get the company to see the hail damage on the old roof. The insurance company repeatedly denied there was any damage. Good News Roofing still came in with the lowest bid of the various roofing companies; the roof was installed in extremely timely manner, and the clean up was so good that you would not know we just got a new roof.

I would to recommend Good News Roofing to anyone seeking a new roof for their home. They have my unqualified recommendation and thanks.

Jerry and Judy Brown    

-Georgetown, TX​

​I was surprised as I learned that my insurance company was not giving me the full time to replace my damaged roof. However, they could and would insist we get a new roof installed by our insurance renewal policy date or we would no longer have coverage.

My husband of 25 years had severely injured his hand at work and was on ‘light duty’, receiving less pay, and suffered a heart attack. I asked for more time since we had not even begun to review roofing companies! The insurance company denied us a time extension leaving us with less than 3 weeks to find a reputable company that could do a good and quick job and assist in filling out the required paperwork and meet our deadline. We were so overwhelmed, having never put a roof on a home we'd owned, tired, sad and scared dealing with our 'new reality'...life after a heart attack.

Having 2 weeks to work with and driving thru neighborhoods looking at recent roof jobs and their signs, I saw one I'd liked when driving by before. I thought..."GOD, I know that is an upscale, designer roof and more expensive, but I sure wish I could have that roof on my house!" Impossible though...our biggest problem, not yet mentioned...and WHY we hadn't already gotten a new roof, we had no money!

When I got home I found a handwritten note in my door that this person had seen possible damage and a name with his phone number. I called that evening only to find that it was 'Good News Roofing' and the owner ...out of Georgetown, TX. Very skeptical but running out of time, I met with Ian the next morning, a very pleasant young man, who looked at our roof and explained all the procedures, answered all our anxious questions and went over all the paperwork needed to complete and turn in to our insurance company.

Good News Roofing finished the job in ONE day! Also, we were able to get our beautiful designer look roof and a 30 year shingle instead of the usual 20 year shingle. Their roofing crews were on time, worked tirelessly, and did an excellent job of cleaning up afterwards.

Stuart and I are honored to recommend Good News Roofing to you because we know you will receive excellent care, advice and help in so many ways. We believe you will feel as blessed as we have by contacting them. Thank you and GOD bless you!

Carolyn & Stuart Smith    

-Hewitt, TX​

"I found these men to deal with me, and with the insurance company, with the utmost of integrity and good will. I wholeheartedly recommend Good News Roofing as a company with whom you feel good about doing business." 

Bobby Jackson    

-Georgetown, TX​

My insurance company had already paid for my roof and I thought that was all we could get. I am so glad I had Good News Roofing re-evaluate my insurance claim by going through my report and inspecting my property. I figured we had nothing to lose since they do this for free with no obligation and can it ever hurt to get a second opinion? They got me an extra $1,300 which wiped out our deductible and we were able to use the difference towards an upgraded roof.

Simon Galindo     

-San Antonio, TX

“I was pleased to get the good news today about my roof. As I had told you, State Farm had inspected my roof earlier this year and had turned me down on a claim. I wondered at the time if I was being taken advantage of. Now with your involvement, they have seen the light.”

Bob Sinks    

-Hutto, TX

Good News Roofing was able to get the roofs at our complex paid for by insurance via their expertise in insurance related issues. They were also successful at getting us additional funds not necessarily related to the roof. The work was completed in a timely manner, on schedule as promised, which was refreshing considering the size of the project. They were very accommodating and worked patiently with us when we needed more time to inform our residents of the steps necessary to get the roof done. They were great at giving us ideas on how to handle the process to insure the safety of our residents and their belongings. Our Home Owners Management Company couldn’t believe how they were able to get the insurance company to agree to pay for the roof as well as get extra funds to trim trees to prevent future damage. The job went very smoothly and I highly recommend Good New Roofing for any job large or small. They are an exceptional and trustworthy company to work with.

Lorena Ochoa
Board Member
The Lofts Condominiums
- Austin, Texas

"I called Good News for a free inspection of the roof of the older home we just purchased. 

Brady was responsive and came out right away. After he inspected the roof he showed us photos of a few spots, but said that overall the roof was aging well. We appreciated his honest opinion."

​Diane Gadell
-Austin, TX

"I would, without hesitation, recommend Good News Roofing to anyone needing a new roof. I am a renter in an older neighborhood and I was constantly answering the door to contracting companies. They would leave as soon as I identified myself as a renter. Good News Roofing was different. They were very professional and friendly in explaining why this roofing company was different. It sounded really good that my landlord would be able to get a new roof and have insurance cover it. I checked out Good News before I passed the information along and they were legitimate. I was always kept in the loop about how the process was coming along and how to prepare for when the crew actually came out to put the new roof. I was a little stressed about how I was going to handle having a work crew around, being a female with two small children at home. The crew was courteous and asked permission before setting things near the front walkway so that my family would be safe. The crew worked quickly and I had no problems! When they left, the only sign of them having been there was a beautiful new roof on the house and garage!. My family will definitely remember who to call when we buy our own house! Oh, I also got a referral check for telling my landlord about this company to get the ball rolling! Awesome! Thank You, Good News Roofing!!"

Cynthia Vance

“Good News knocked on our door and explained to us that we had possible damage to our roof and other property that, even we as contractors, were not aware of. After an examination of the roof it was determined we had a claim.”

Jim Thompson    

-Round Rock, TX​

"This is to thank you for my recent experience with you and your company. I found both of you to be men of integrity in your dealings with us. You explained things carefully, worked in an integrated fashion with our insurance company and worked to keep our out-of-pocket expenses down while using high quality materials.

Your roofing crew did their work in a timely fashion with quality workmanship. They also did an excellent job of clean-up with a minimum of disturbance of our household routines.

I commend your service and would encourage other home-owners to avail themselves of your services."

Paul Krentz    

-Georgetown, TX​

"In Regards to work done by GOOD NEWS-ROOFING: 

I had a gentlemen knock on my door and say did you know you may have enough hail damage to your roof to warrant a roof replacement. I am usually very reluctant to talk to anyone that comes door to door. But for some reason I not only talked to him but also let them check my roof.

Good News Roofing worked with me with my homeowners insurance company and the GOOD NEWS came. Yes I indeed had enough damage and my roof was fully covered and replaced by my insurance. With a final price to me of only $58.00!!! The crew that came and replaced my roof were not only very efficient at the work they did but they stripped my old roof and had the new one put on in about 7 hours which was quite amazing to me. The Good News Roofing team were very patient as we had to wait on my mortgage company to endorse 2 separate checks and return them to me so they could get paid, with not one bit of pressure on me.

I would recommend GOOD NEWS ROOFING to anyone who might have a need or desire to see if the GOOD NEWS comes their way as it did me. I live at 200 Claris Lane in Georgetown Texas feel free to drive by and see how nice my new roof looks, it makes a big difference in the appearance of my home. Even though I am selling my home someone else will enjoy this selling feature for a long time.

So if you have any doubts about their company ...don't." 

Darlinda Garrison    

-Georgetown, TX​

To Whom It May Concern:

I highly recommend taking advantage of the free roof inspection offered by Good News Roofing. They discovered damage on my roof and then met with my insurance company. They were able to get the insurance company to pay for a new roof when I had no idea that a claim was even possible. I live in Cedar Park and I didn't remember any recent storms of any significance. My roof was old and worn so I really benefited by contacting Good News Roofing. They were very professional and my new roof looks great! It was altogether a very pleasant experience and I would highly recommend getting Good News Roofing to check your roof.

Parsons Townsend    

-Cedar Park, TX

When Good News Roofing first told us that they might be able to get our entire roof paid for I was skeptical since our roof was very old. They called us on many occasions to try and help move the process along. In fact, they apologized because they felt as though they might have been too persistent. We are so thankful they didn't give up because now we have a new roof completely paid for by insurance.The Good News Roofing team got us so much extra that we paid nothing out of pocket and we received a check for $189.38!

Mary Parsley    

-Austin, TX

“As a real estate professional representing both buyers and sellers, I have seen my fair share of transactions fall through due to costly repairs that neither side could pay for. Roofs are usually the biggest deal-breaker and my life has become a whole lot easier now that I have Good News Roofing on my side. I was referred to them through another broker in my office as we discussed a property that my buyers had a contract on. The roof was in terrible shape, at least 20 years old and the homeowners had recently passed away, leaving the house in an estate. The heirs did not have the resources to replace the roof and the buyer’s homeowners insurance company would not write a policy until the roof was replaced. The deal was falling apart and I called Good News Roofing. Within a few days, they met with the adjuster at the property and were able to secure a new roof. Everyone involved in the transaction was completely shocked and it moved the deal right along. 

I have had several other experiences just like this with Good News Roofing and now I bring them out to inspect every listing I acquire and every property that I put under contract. If a roof can be replaced at little or no cost to buyer or seller, it doesn’t make sense NOT to call them. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone and I am so glad that I found Good News Roofing. They are a wonderful company and genuinely care about the clients that they help every day. They are extremely honest and fair and I am so glad I found them!!"

Derrik Davis


-Austin, TX

I just wanted to thank you for all the help Good News Roofing did in working with my client. We were faced with a tough decision because my buyer needed a new roof per the inspection report. The property was in probate and the seller’s heirs were in disputes about everything. Thanks to you guys, the sellers did not have to come out of pocket for anything and the buyers got a new roof just in time before closing. You really saved our deal!

Thanks so much!!

Charles Galati, CRB
Director Real Estate Brokerage
Risk Management
Tenura Holdings, Inc.

"I just want you to know how much I appreciate the work you did in securing a new roof for us. In my mind it was doubtful as to whether the insurance would pay for our roof, but your preparation for the adjuster's visit must have made the difference.

I also appreciate the professionalism and integrity that you both exhibited and the quality of the work your crew performed. The whole process was a pleasure. Feel free to share my recommendation with whomever you wish. I would and already have, with no reservations, given your name to friends who I think might be in need of your services.

Thanks again, and God Bless!"

Philip D. May   

-Georgetown, TX​

"We’re writing to tell you how very pleased we are with Good News Roofing and with our new roof. In today’s market it’s very rare to find a company that is actually concerned about job quality and customer satisfaction but you managed to deliver both!

After our last storm, we suspected our roof was damaged. Our insurance company examined it and turned us down. You were willing to circle with chalk each spot of damage, thus convincing our insurance company that the roof was indeed damaged sufficiently to justify a claim. Other areas of damage were noted and subsequently paid for, including damage to the air conditioner, rain gutter and window trim. We greatly appreciate the additional effort you made here as it offset our deductible significantly.

We had basic 20yr shingles and wanted to upgrade to 30yr architectural shingles. You allowed us to upgrade and only pay the difference in the actual cost of materials. 

The subcontractors you used were of the highest caliber. They were helpful, trustworthy, displayed superior workmanship and truly went the “extra mile” to assure we were pleased.

Hopefully we won’t need to replace our beautiful new shingles for 30 years but if we do, Good News Roofing will be who we call. We will most definitely recommend you to everyone we know!"

In sincere appreciation,

Randy and Karen Childs    

-Georgetown, TX​

"I didn't even know we had any hail. Thanks to Good News Roofing I now have a new roof paid for by insurance. I figured I had nothing to lose by taking Good News Roofing up on their offer to do a free inspection since, as they put it, "It was good news either way." If my roof wasn't affected that was good news and if it was that was really good news."

Dave Swainston    

-Austin, TX

“My name is Henry J Brown, retired Detective SAPD. I strongly recommend that you consider GOOD NEWS ROOFING. They are professional, recognized by the BBB, fast, one day service and clean up afterwards. Best of all they were able to (legally) save me my entire deductible and they will have a representative to verify work needed to be done with the insurance adjuster. More importantly, they will point out work needed to be done that was missed by the adjuster.”

Henry J Brown    

-San Antonio, TX

"What a pleasant experience it was to have your company replace our old roof...all with me not having to do very much. I'm not sure I would have believed it had I not experienced it first hand."

Bill Roof    

-Round Rock, TX

​"I had Good News Roofing check my roof. They did a free inspection with no obligation. The inspection was quick and efficient, taking hardly any time at all. Afterwards, I was informed that my roof was in good shape and was not damaged. This was truly Good News! I appreciate having an honest, reputable company to inspect my roof. I recommend that you have Good News Roofing check your roof as well."

Aaron & Heather Dunnam    

-Jarrell, TX​

"Your suggestion to add a ridge vent is much appreciated. I was skeptical at first, but I checked with the Building Plans Examiner for Georgetown Utilities, on the merits of adding ridge vents; and he was very positive on the benefits of ridge vents moderating the build-up of heat in attics. I would highly recommend your roofing services to others."

Joe Porch    

-Georgetown, TX​

"Good News Roofing knocked on my door and told me that after a free inspection with no obligation they might be able to get me a new roof paid for by my insurance company. I didn't think I had enough damage because I couldn't remember any recent storms of any significance. They certainly lived up to their name because now I have a new roof. Good News did an excellent job and did it very quickly. In this economy and with the holidays coming this was a real blessing. The people they recommended for the work they don't do did a great job too. I have already told people that if they need a new roof I know a great company!"

Linda Green    

-Georgetown, TX​

When I first talked with Good News Roofing, I was a little unsure about what to expect. They explained to me about the free inspection and they would work with my insurance company to get me the lowest deductible possible. I spoke with my son and asked his advice. He suggested we check the Better Business Bureau and the testimonies on the website. After the research of all the above I decided to accept the offer from Good News Roofing. I'm glad I went with Good News Roofing. They do quality work and cleaned up all of the old roofing and made sure the area was free of nails, after the job was completed. I appreciated the honesty and assistance I was provided by the Good News Roofing team, during this time my deductible was lowered to $48.71. Thank you, Good News Roofing for being such a blessing.

Hughella Kelley


-San Antonio, TX​

Good News Roofing was recommended to us by a parishioner and what a blessing they turned out to be. They got us additional funds from our insurance company to upgrade to a better roof and lowered our deductible. Their crew did an excellent job and the clean up was very good as well.

Sister Lucy    

-San Antonio, TX

My experience with Good News Roofing has been nothing but positive in nature. As the responsible party for my senior citizen mother, I fully appreciated their honesty and forthrightness. The Good News Roofing team were able to assist and walk us through the claims process -- every step of the way. They were there for my mother when I couldn't be and answered all her questions in detailed explanation. They also made sure the same information was made available to me via meetings and printed documents. My decision to trust Good News Roofing with our roof repairs was without a doubt the best choice I could have made. Good News Roofing was a Godsend! 

Marissa Perez    

-San Antonio, TX

"We interviewed 5 or 6 roofers before deciding on Good News Roofing. Some of these roofers were willing to provide incorrect invoices to reduce our insurance deductible. We did not want any part of this; defrauding an insurance company? - How stupid and dishonest is that! When we met with the owner we knew this was our roofer! Good News Roofing showed shingles to us which they recommended for the style and size of our home and then provided other home addresses we could view these shingles. The shingle they recommended was the one we chose. We agreed upon a schedule for everything to be done. The process included the start of removing the old roof, leaving the gutters in place to collect as much of the crystals (sand?) as possible, everything on the roof was replaced (roofing materials), then new shingles were placed, gutters and downspouts removed and then replaced. Cleanup started after that where as many crystals were removed from around the entire house as humanly possible. The cleanup was intense and they wanted everything out of the yard that was not there previously. Realistically, not every bit of sand was collected but we've had a roof replaced in another state, and this was clean, very clean. We also had damaged our rock column mailbox - it looks better than before! Everything was on schedule and everyone on time. Someone was checking with us each day to make sure we were happy. We inquired about the cost of placing rock shields around our two a/c units - it was very unattractive! The cost to us was the best price we had been quoted. Naturally, we paid for the shields and know these improved our curb appeal when we do sell the house. Good News also dealt directly with our insurance company, State Farm, which we know saved us much time and, we're sure, much emotional turmoil. We have recommended Good News Roofing to friends and neighbors and will continue to do so.."

​Ted & Janet Walinski
-Georgetown, TX

"After having a patio cover installed, the company that did the installation was trying to resolve a leak. They sent a roofer to my home to have him check it out. He mentioned to me that it appeared that I had some hail damage to the roof of my home and suggested that I have my insurance company come out and take a look.

I acted on the man's advice and contacted my insurance company. The end result at that time was that they saw no hail damage to the roof of my home; however, they paid me for hail damage to roof vents. I had no recourse but to accept my insurance company's decision.

Later I noticed new roofs going up in the neighborhood. Upon arriving home one day, I received a letter from Good News Roofing offering a free inspection of my roof. I contacted them and arranged to have my roof inspected again. I advised them at that time of what had previously transpired with my insurance company. 

To make a long story a little bit shorter, they came out and inspected my roof. They advised that I should contact my insurance company and request that they give me a second opinion on my roof, not on a new claim, but on the previous claim I had filed. 

The end result was that, my insurance company came met with Ian and re-inspected the roof, found that I did indeed have hail damage, and agreed to pay for a new roof on my home. Not only did they pay for a new roof but, having the estimate from the patio contractor to repair/replace my patio cover roof, enabled me to receive payment from the insurance company in a much larger amount than was previously paid to me."

Bettie Linscomb    

-Georgetown, TX​​

"Dear Good News Roofing,

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Because of your efforts, my home has a new roof! Ian worked hard to keep the out of pocket cost low while making sure we got the most for our money. He was very prompt at following up with things and patiently worked with us to make sure we understood what we were getting. The crew did an excellent job in a timely manner and thoroughly cleaned up afterwards. I was a bit cautious about the process but you did what you said you would do and were very professional. Receiving a new roof was such a huge, unexpected blessing. I recommend Good News Roofing because they are trustworthy, patient and hardworking."

With Thanks,

Jamie Sewell    

-Georgetown, TX
(Husband serving our country in Iraq)​

It was such a pleasure to have Good News Roofing Company assist us in our roofing needs. From beginning to end, the Fingers always kept us informed and demonstrated a professionalism and courteous relationship. We were very surprised and excited that our insurance company agreed to all the recommendations provided by the Good News Roofing team's business judgment and saw it necessary to replace our roof. Good News Roofing under promises and over delivers. I would highly recommend anyone to contact Good News Roofing for an honest and professional opinion and a solid proven track record. Thank you to the Good News Roofing for a job well done.

Louis and Maria Gonzales    

-San Antonio, TX

"These people are true professionals. Prompt courteous and knowledgeable. Very willing to explain your problems and how to solve them. I couldn't be more satisfied. If and when the occasion occurs for replacement or repairs Good News Roofing will do the job."

​Clifford Stewart
-Liberty Hill, TX

"What can i say about Good News Roofing.  I typically do not write reviews.  First off Ashley...you rock.  I really have never met someone in the service industry so committed to helping a customer out.  I had Ashley come out and do an assessment on my roof about 6 -8 weeks ago since my roof was started to fall apart due to the heavy winds and hail.  She came out on time and looked at my roof and made a recommendation to have it replaced since the cost of an actual repair was not worth it since it was a 14 year old roof.  I contacted my Home owners insurance and they sent their adjuster out and Ashley came out a second time to meet with him and go over everything.  Well  The insurance adjuster told my Claims agent the it did not need a replacement and that 800 bucks was enough to repair it.. And that was just the badly damaged areas only.  I asked for a second opinion from them and they flat out denied it.I sent Ashley the results and she was surprised that their adjuster said that.  Ashley came out again and took even more pictures and wrote a very detailed letter back to the claims agent on why it needed to be replaced.  The claims agent then approved a second adjuster that was much more communicative with me and even called me on a Sunday.  Ashley and the second adjuster came out and they both agreed it needed replacing and the second adjuster sent his report in to get the roof replaced.  The insurance company finally agreed and i was approved for a new roof.  Ashley cam back again and we finalized the contract and the contractors came out yesterday and installed my new roof.  They did a fast and fantastic job getting it up there.  It looks awesome.  I have nothing but praise for this company and Ashley.  She went above and beyond and i would recommend them to anyone for any kind of roofing issues."

​Eric Brown
-Austin, TX

"Good News Roofing Goes Over And Beyond!"

"In addition to offering me a free roof inspection and providing me with advice on how to submit an insurance claim, Good News Roofing also recommended me an insurance agent to handle all my insurance needs. The agent did a great job explaining all the different insurance policies they offered. Not only did she provide excellent customer service, but she also helped me save a considerable amount of money, while increasing my insurance coverage on my homeowners insurance. I ended up switching my auto insurance also."

Jose Arana    


"A few weeks ago when Good News Roofing came to my door and said there was a possibility that they would get our insurance company to pay for hail damages that happened just a little over a year ago, we were skeptical. We had just filed a claim with the insurance company six months before on the roof for damage. And they would only pay for repair of the specific damaged areas. We figured though that we had nothing to lose by taking Good News up on their free estimate. Their inspection found hail damage all over the roof, so we proceeded to call the insurance company to get an adjuster out. 

The day the adjuster came out Good News was here an hour before to mark out all of the damage they had found. When the adjuster arrived, Good News was up on our roof with them making the case on our behalf for a replacement. The adjuster again only wanted to pay for the affected areas, but Good News, through their knowledge, experience and I am sure a bit of persistence were able to get the adjuster to agree that replacing the entire roof was needed. A week later Good News showed up to replace the roof. 

It took them only one day to replace my entire roof. It looks wonderful now. We're so grateful that Good News came along and saved us the huge expense of replacing the roof on our own."

Catherine and Scott Null    

-Georgetown, TX​

“We were turned down by our insurance company twice and thought we would not be able to have a new roof installed. But, the Good News Roofing persisted on our behalf and our claim was approved!”

Suzanne Buckley    

-Pflugerville, TX​